THE POPPOP MERCH PROJECT - student project

In a continuation from the Illustration Skillshare, I have been making some merchandise based on my grandfather who we refer to as Poppop. So sufficive to say this is merch for me and maybe some of my family members. I have a similar humor to Draplin's so I have kept the funny merch naming that he tends to do, it makes me laugh to myself. I would love to start just making patches and hats with patches. So stay tuned for the patch as I work to simplify the line illustration to work on a smaller format (May use the resulting graphic to update the table savers).

THE POPPOP MERCH PROJECT - image 1 - student project

 I have a ridiculous urge to plaster these with the alternating colors on my blank wall at work.


THE POPPOP MERCH PROJECT - image 2 - student project

 "Quit your snivelin'" is a well known Poppopism and it seemed appropriate for the coaster.


THE POPPOP MERCH PROJECT - image 3 - student project

Many a Straub desires Poppop T-shirts.