Starting New!

Starting New!  - student project

I have sold on etsy in the past, successfully (yrs ago when it was new)  and then unsuccessfully (more recently). I always focussed on handmade sewn items as that is where I was in my life- think domestic goddess, I made some kickass aprons. I didn't know this world of Illustration and design was a real thing... In Art School you went to school to become a painter or a sculptor and drawing quirky things was not 'real' art. Which I now know to be not true. I am constantly inspired by print and pattern, lettering and the quirky things in life. So over the past few years I have been reinventing myself or reverting back to my draftsmanship style of just drawing and seeing where it takes me. Long story short I am re-opening a new and improved design/illustration shop on Etsy. This will be my progress and hopefully my Launch!

Megan Carroll

Surface Pattern & Illustrator.