Spiralling - student project

As usual, I am using Affinity Designer instead of Illustrator. It does not have a Spiral Tool. When I used Windows, Inkscape was my preferred vector drawing application, but it is awkward on the Mac, so now I only use it occasionally. However, it has a Spiral Tool! I drew spirals in Inkscape using a few different settings, and chose the one closest to Helen's spirals.

By the way, I notice that the two types of spirals in the Illustrator videos are just mirror images of each other, so you probably only need one spiral to start with and can get the other by flipping a copy horizontally or vertically.

In any case, that is what I did after transferring my one spiral to Affinity Designer.

Here is my pattern with three repeats.

Spiralling - image 1 - student project

I like it best on the diagonal so the squares of the repeat are not so obvious. I think this pattern looks good in black, white, and grey. Here are four versions using a grey texture from Freepik.com and various layer blend modes. (Enlarge the image to see it more clearly.)

Spiralling - image 2 - student project

Anna Day

Calligrapher & Designer