Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine - student project

Background about the Project:

Several months ago I took a free tour of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It was the first time I had done so, and being a life-long resident of Los Angeles it was way overdue! I was able to snap a few awesome photos with my iPhone 6 and the only use they got were some likes on the 'gram. It was really cool to be able to re-purpose these photos that have been sitting for a long time and incorporate them into something new and fresh! My idea was that I would do a short article in an Architecture and Design Magazine.

This is the second draft of the project for 'Shape'. I had some friends look over my first draft and realized there was a ton of chaos I had created and had inadvertently missed out on several of the fundamental concepts discussed in the course; mainly typographic hierarchy. Hopefully this one is more visually stimulating, and I am definitely open to all feedback! Thanks for looking!

*Fun Fact - The article title page was created using all of the names of the donors to Walt Disney Concert Hall 


  • iPhone 6
  • Layout Sketches
  • Adobe InDesign & Photoshop
  • Wikipedia (Content)
  • Google Images (1)


  • Pangram (Light, Reg, Extra Bold)
  • Industry Inc. (Outline)

Shape Magazine - image 1 - student project

Shape Magazine - image 2 - student project

Shape Magazine - image 3 - student project

Shape Magazine - image 4 - student project

Shape Magazine - image 5 - student project

Shape Magazine - image 6 - student project