Roses - student project

This was a very inspiring class! ! Thank you Ann!! 

i was so thrilled to start painting plants and flowers that the first flowers i could find.. in front of mw ,was really  ok for inspiration. This happened to be and old time classic..rose combination! 

Roses - image 1 - student project

 i started very simple painting just a yellow rose .

Roses - image 2 - student project


and later a red and a pink ... 

Roses - image 3 - student project

                                                                             and then a combination of three roses ..

Roses - image 4 - student project

My sketch book is a Canson ,140 lbrs, block ,cold pressed block for watercolors.

I want to add a few sketces and pencil drawings as it will come with my acompany this project.. and the watercolors..

Angie Vourtsi

she paints and writes