Photography for Students and Artists

Photography for Students and Artists - student project

Photography for Students and Artists - image 1 - student project

I didn't end up making everything for the project/contest. This is the final image. The cover design was heavily influenced by the books layout. It is an illustrated guide book, the artwork is part of an infographic that demonstrates what a camera prism and mirror do. The 'A' at the bottom is the subject and the white line is the path of the light. 

The topic is the most important information to convey. Photography is the largest text, and in white for higher contrast. On closer reading it is clear who the book is aimed at. The author name is a smaller part, but included directly with the title instead of at the bottom on it's own. I wanted the space around the illustration free to keep all attention on the art or title. Like finding the 'yes' in Ulysses, we found something in the title. My fiancé approved because he said the first thing he saw was, "Caitlin Crowley, hot". 

Caitlin Crowley

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