Photo Kaleidoscope

Photo Kaleidoscope - student project


I am a visual artist working with photographs.  I have been a weekly docent at the McMichael Gallery for the past eleven years where I lead school groups into experiencing the world of art.  I have always used my creative side in the many project I have tried.  From sewing to colouring.  But when I decided to explore photo kaleidoscopes, I was hooked.  I hope to bring my work to a greater audience to enjoy.

 From the first simple kaleidoscope I ever saw - I was mesmerized.  I select an image or detail from copies of the same photograph.  I hand cut the angles and lay them in a pattern to create the kaleidoscope.  The cuts made by hand add a third dimension to the piece that cannot be created on computer.  

The beauty of the patterns draw the viewer into my work.  When the viewer realizes that a single image is what created the pattern, I get a smile.  That smile is my pleasure!

I have matted and framed them myself.  Attached is my first kaleidoscope.  I have continued to create more complex patterns and also tried combining photos.  My work can be viewed on  I hope that you will consider my work to be included in your galleries.

Angie Giglio