Personally I like the NEGATIVE WORRY - Sample Project

Personally I like the NEGATIVE WORRY - Sample Project - student project

We're so good at worrying how crappy an event might turn out for us or how much we're going to screw something up. What if I do this or what if this goes wrong or what if he or she says this and throws me off my game?

Before we know it, we're spiraling out of control with all these negatives that totally make us feel defeated, even before we begin.

The opposite of that is to worry about what could possibly go right, and this is where the introduction of those previous memories works really well.

 With negative worry, you start saying what if I actually get into a really good flow? What if I start delivering this speech and new ideas enter my mind and I get a new level of energy and I start delivering a talk like I've never delivered before and the audience is connecting with me and by the end of it I'm getting a standing ovation and incredible feedback and people are ordering from me at the end of it?

You can literally just worry yourself in a negative direction, meaning you're foreseeing a positive outcome.

You start visualizing that kind of outcome, along with those previously drawn up memories of positivity, of winning, you combine those two experiences together and now you're moving in the direction of being in the winning mindset before you begin.

That brings me to my third tip, which is how you keep yourself feeling good before the actual event begins.

You've used memories, you've used some of this negative worry to move in the direction of feeling good.

Personally I like the NEGATIVE WORRY - Sample Project - image 1 - student project

Thomas J

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