Peacock & Acanthus Leaf Damask Pattern

Peacock & Acanthus Leaf Damask Pattern - student project

My very first Damask pattern! I never in my dreams thought I could create complex patterns like this until I came across Bärbel's courses! Creating this pattern was challenging yet so rewarding when it all came together and it took me back to my days of studying architecture and design. The trace paper, pencils, triangle, light box, I love it all. My favorite part was creating the pattern using just a basic pencil, paper, and marker. 

Peacock & Acanthus Leaf Damask Pattern - image 1 - student project

Peacock & Acanthus Leaf Damask Pattern - image 2 - student projectOf course picking a color combination is probably the hardest part because I like them all, lol. Here are some of my top fav colorways for this pattern.

I can’t wait to continue taking all Bärbel's courses on the different historic pattern types and styles. Next up, an Arts & Crafts inspired pattern!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU Bärbel for sharing your knowledge and incredible talent with us, you are AMAZING!! :)

Sarah Raquel

Artist & Designer