PARA second brain with Notion

PARA second brain with Notion - student project

I have been using Second-brain apps for some 5 years, and after completing this course, I have done a total revamp following the PARA method.

I will need to go through all my bookmarks on my computer and saved items on Facebook and Twitter. I still have doubts on how to use tags on Notion, if they will complicate things or make browsing easier. I need to test it. What are your thoughts on using tags?

For now, this is the main structure: PARA quick notes Tasks (only the most pressing, very specific tasks)

- One of the most complex areas to organise in my experience is food.  

I lose too much time browsing for information on ingredients and recipes (mainly because due to SEO, they tend to be preceded by an unnecessarily long, irrelevant description of the dish). On recipes, I either add a link or create a quick page pasting only the instructions.

One of my favourite pages on My notion is a Table of Grains (It´s in Spanish, though). Here I note down whether they need to be washed first, the water/grain proportion and the cooking time.

I also created a page on which wild mushrooms and plants can be eaten, and how.

- Right now, my main project is finishing the 80.000h Career Plan and I am adding resources, job offers, contact people, crash courses, etc... depending on the plan (A, B, C or what it all goes wrong) an overview on the next steps.

- On my project "Yearly Goals", I made a list in January of things I would like to accomplish, and every month, I will either include them again on the list if not completed, discard if I lost interest or modify them (add difficulty, transform...). 


In the long term, I plan on adding all the resources and knowledge I gathered over the last 15 years which I have been clumsily scattering in different notebooks, browser bookmarks, "saved items" in different apps... and I hope I can give back and share on a blog once I improve my writing skills.

Thank you for your feedback! It was a great course with tons of useful tips.