Out of The Asset Lock

Out of The Asset Lock - student project

A literary thriller set in the Britain you think you know but don’t

Written against the familiar media landscape of our cities, lives and desires, Out of The Asset Lock tells the story of how Jem, a freelance journalist, starts to receive anonymous letters telling her to look more closely at the people around her. It isn’t until her son ends up in intensive care that Jem begins to wonder if her activist past and identity change are about to be blown.

‘A thriller like no other I’ve written’ PA Judge

‘PA Judge takes you inside the mind of of a killer…but also into the heart of the society that created that killer.’

‘This is what creative fiction is for: stories about the people who make and break the Britain we live in today…it flows, it has feet…this river will run for ever for me’ PA Judge.

‘I want to see a society that understands the hearts and minds of everyone. Like Dreda Say Mitchell in Killer Tune, the thriller isn’t the story you’re reading, it’s the next story that will be even more interesting. Watch this space’ PA Judge

Paula Sharratt

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