Office - SketchUp demo version

Office - SketchUp demo version - student project


A friend of mine asked for a project for his new Vip's office, he recently rented in the middle of a great place in Rome. I'm an old school designer/scenographer/set decorator, so I usually do my project "by hand", drawing everything including perspective sketches of each room.

I found your lesson and I decided to give a try to this program, so I've downloaded the demo version (30 days trial) and followed your lesson.

Hope you don't mind if I'm uploading my client's project instead of your assignment, my deadline is so close and I have to save time. The photo is a floor plan with measures, I have to add all the furniture, but I/we needed a plan with measures first. I'll show you the other sketches asap!

I have few issues with printing (probably because of the demo version) and I can't set my A3 printer and get the project on 1:100 scale. I also can't change font measures or set some "more important measures" to bold.... 

Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied about my first project with this program, but I can't consider to spend more than 600 euros to buy it in this moment. I'll see .... maybe.... if this client pays well :-)....

The black and white image is what I did. The other is the original project I received from the owner.

Measures are in meters and I've added a reference for the scale. This project is in A3 format 1:100 scale (1 cm = 1mt).

I'm trying the perspective view and it's fun, hopefully we'll see something about it in your next lessons.

Thank you so much for your classes.


Office - SketchUp demo version - image 1 - student project

Office - SketchUp demo version - image 2 - student project

Roberta Aiello

Altered & MixedMedia Artist Jewelry maker/designer