OXIDE mag/online publication

OXIDE mag/online publication - student project

hey y'all! I graduated from college with a degree in design but never had many classes about graphic design itself. I'm finding that I enjoy it far more than I thought I would, so I've given it a go! 

Below are two renditions of a magazine/online spread of a project I proposed in 2015. I realize now that I should've presented this with a dark outline around it so you could see the bleed/edge of the pages better.


I'm not a fan of this one. I don't want to explain each look, so I'm scrapping this. Less is more in fashion, it seems. There's also a problem of white space after OXIDE, which I now see I could have filled with the subtext next to the image, and then bled the image even more! 


This one I believe suits my personal brand a little better. A bold statement with smaller, lighter text and fewer words overall. There's still the problem of the white space, which I would love critics for. I do enjoy the large image on left contrasting with the several smaller images on the right, and the white space between them.