New York Reflections

New York Reflections - student project

New York Reflections - image 1 - student project

New York Reflections - image 2 - student project

New York Reflections - image 3 - student project

My fictional article for this project is a personal reflection on a recent trip to New York City, with a focus on One World Trade Center.

My first attempt uses both symmetry and asymmetry both within a page and across the spread, and even between spreads (when viewed as above). The magazine format is not rigid, so articles may flow differently from page to page.

I like the technique used on the first page- large full bleed image paired only with the title. I'm not sure I should have duplicated the layout of page two on page four, or if I should have made a different arrangement of elements.

It was a fun exercise! I thought the class material was on point, and it meshed with my own experience and viewpoint (even if graphic design is not my day job ;-).

John Burnham

Design is the Organization of Space