NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline - student project

NYC Skyline - image 1 - student project

Hayden I finally was able to take one of your classes!!!  Hopefully the first of many.  Your instruction was very clear.  I am a total Illustrator novice and I was still able to make this illustration of the NYC skyline using the rectangle and ellipse tool.  I used the Merge pathfinder tool to connect all of the rectangle buildings and to connect the ellipses that are the clouds.  I used the star and polygon tools for the detail of the various tops of the buildings, and the zig zag tool for the waves of the ocean in the foreground.  I was not able to get rid of the black line running through the darker blue of the ocean, but then what are beginners for...  Loved this process!  Thanks so much for the class.  : )

Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker