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My WordPress courses - student project

Thanks for all these great insights. I'm currently trying to build some authority as a WordPress teacher. I did a lot of custom programming with WordPress via platforms like UpWork and codeable, but I'm trying to get more "passive" income by teaching online and publishing books to help people getting started with their own WordPress website.

Here are the channels that I currently use:


I don't have many long videos here, but I'll try to publish more, as I can see your point using youTube to get more people into my courses.


Mostly teaching classes about WordPress and Web Development. My biggest problem is that students do not interact very much, so I don't get a lot of questions and discussions in my classes. Also, people don't post projects, even though I try to make it really easy to create their class project.


Currently, I offer my WordPress basics here too, so I can reach students who prefer Udemy over SkillShare. It's a great way to use the same material to generate extra revenue. Unfortunately, the Udemy class does not sell at all, so I think SkillShare is the better option for me right now.

I also have a website and a blog at

I still need to create a landing page and a newsletter to collect email addresses. I'm still looking for an affordable solution, as I see that all those newsletter providers are pretty expensive.

I also have my Twitter account, where I post newsworthy links that are WordPress related:

And finally, I have a facebook page:

I also post all my SkillShare classes and special discounts for my Udemy classes on several Facebook group. The screenshot is just a post that I published today, to get more students into my Udemy course. I found that many people take the course when it's available for free on a special offer, but they don't really watch the videos. It looks like there are a lot of hoarders around, who just add the course to their account because they don't have to pay for it :)

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