My Bucket List (The Short Version)

My Bucket List (The Short Version) - student project

I have an extensive Bucket List, but here are the five I will share:

  1. Travel Canada - I am Canadian born and raised, but I have barely ventured out of Alberta
  2. Write a crime novel - I have two mainstream fiction under my belt, but would like to write crime.
  3. Build my dream home - it's not big, but it would contain a studio and a solarium.
  4. Spend a month in the mountains in a cabin and do nothing but write.
  5. Travel across Canada on the train - we have gone from Edmonton to Vancouver, but a cross country trip would be amazing.

I'm sure my list is pretty boring compared to some, but I'm not the most adventurous person out there. :) 

Diane Ziomek

Indie Author & Fiber Artist