Moss, Norway

Moss, Norway - student project

Moss is a medium size Norwegian town, with just about 30 000 inhabitants. Moss is situated 60 km south of Oslo, and many of its citizens commute daily back and forth to the Norwegian capitol. Moss used to be full of industry, but there's not much left now. The architecture isn't much to brag about, which makes it even more challenging to get the right and interesting captures.

Anyways, here's some of my pics form my home town.

Hope you enjoy!

#1 - Lines and curves on the old mill.

Moss, Norway - image 1 - student project

#2 - I always wanted to live in a flat in this house. 

Moss, Norway - image 2 - student project

#3 - One of my favorite buildings in Moss.

Moss, Norway - image 3 - student project

#4 - Not everything is well kept. The graffiti "SPY" means vomit in Norwegian, and may be a reference to the color used on this shed. 

Moss, Norway - image 4 - student project

#5 - Random building.

Moss, Norway - image 5 - student project

#6 - In the background one can se the final remnants of the paper mill that gave Moss it's infamous smell. The inhabitants used to say it was the smell of money. 

Moss, Norway - image 6 - student project

#7 - Moss has a major ferry connection, and a fairly large harbor. (Norwegian scale, of course) The statue is called "the Norwegian Lady" and has a sister in Virginia Beach, US.

Moss, Norway - image 7 - student project

#8 - This is my favorite seat at my favorite café, House of Foundation.

Moss, Norway - image 8 - student project

Thomas Roskifte

Amateur photographer