Morty - student project

So firstly yes I did the lesson on digital, and though it's not exactly the same, I feel like my grip & techniques improved a lot.

An overall look on the exercises, some of which I will definitely be practicing for a couple more days to improve on the techniques.

Morty - image 1 - student project


I kinda went for one of the simplest characters I could think of and after finishing the lesson I realized how many "hairy lines" it had and how sketch-like it looked.

Morty - image 2 - student project


First try on the character after the lesson, definitely felt a better grip, circles and curves were coming out a lot smoother and I was applying the arm movement a lot more which resulted in smoother lines(it looks kinda hairy because I actually used a pencil brush and it ended up being too thick)Morty - image 3 - student project


Second go felt even better. Thanks for the lesson!

Morty - image 4 - student project