Morning routine practice

Morning routine practice - student project

6am- wake up/ wash face/ brush teeth (10 min.)

6:10- 30 minute walk

6:40- journal (10 min.)

6:50- quiet time/ prayer (20 min.)

7:10- shower, get ready (20 min.)

7:30- breakfast  (20 min.)

7:50- prepare for the day (10 min.)

8am- Ready to start the day

*The idea of creating daily focuses is new to me but I am definitely open to trying it out.

Monday: Bucket list Monday (start the week by reminding myself and working towards my dream goals)

Tuesday: Trend setting (learn about new trends in my industry)

Wednesday: Projects (create a list of potential projects and work on them)

Thursday: Marketing (catch up on blogs, fan pages, social network marketing strategies; research and implementation)

Friday: Economics (study on good financial habits)

Saturday: Social (catch up with friends and/or family, get out and socialize, meet new people)

Sunday: Soulful (worship and prayer; ME time, rejuvenate)

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