Morales Family Crest

Morales Family Crest - student project

This project is quite a challenge because it makes you think hard about what things, phrases, colors, etc define your family. I wanted to create a simple, easy-going crest. 

First I have to explain that my family is from Nicaragua. Through research I learned that the name Morales came originally from Spain, and according to the website the first person that emigrated to Nicaragua from Spain was Maria de Morales in 1563. 

I also found these 2 family crests that identified these noble Spanish families:

Morales Family Crest - image 1 - student project

What I incorporated on my family crest - coat of arms:

  • A cross: we are a Catholic family; important in our every day life, values and culture.
  • A sun: to represent the country where we come from and live, Nicaragua. The weather here is hot-humid all year round, the sun hits hard, it's very sunny most of the time; therefore with this simple shape I can represent our country.
  • A lemon: living in Nicaragua we enjoy a variety of fruits. My parents raised us to drink  natural juices and eating fruits. Also, my dad always recommended my siblings and me to plant a lemon tree wherever we live, so all of us have one in our backyards. 
  • A tree: I took the tree idea from the original Spanish coat of arms. I wanted to add some history reference; therefore I also added the horizontal lines.
  • Colors: My dad, 2 brothers and sister all work at the family business (hardware store). The colors of the business are blue and yellow, and the colors of the flag of Nicaragua are blue and white. I definitely thought blue and yellow needed to be part of it. The color yellow also makes reference to the Spanish Coat of Arms. 

My family crest

Morales Family Crest - image 2 - student project