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Momentum Travels Blog - student project

I started my travel blog back in June, simply because I wanted to travel more. I would have to travel to have something to write about on my blog, so that was easy!

At first I mostly enjoyed the writing part, but since I got myself a proper camera I've started really enjoying letting the pictures speak, and am considering downplaying the text in future posts, and let the photos do the job of inspiring and entertaining. 

There isn't much on the blog yet as I've only been blogging about my travels since last year when I spent the summer in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Singapore, and since then I've been adding posts about shorter travels around Europe. Coming right up is a bucket load of posts on my two week roundtrip in Italy. Next year I hope to spend a couple of months in the USA, which I am looking very much forward to writing about.

My favourite recent blog post is probably this one: Blogpost about Anholt - Danish Island Paradise, as it is mostly beautiful pictures (I think) and not too much text.

Hope to see you on my blog!