Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3 - student project

Here is my final animation for this title opener. Didn't mention it in my other projects but was wondering how to get my graph when editing the Easy Ease to look like yours? Mine looks like this image below, I did tweak and saw a difference but I would like to know if I missed something or if I just need to change the settings to get the same graph. Thanks Andrzej!

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3 - image 1 - student project

Unfortunately when transforming into GIF Photoshop couldn't process all the colours in my image as they only output 255 through GIF. So my image became pixelate. Currently looking online for a way around this issue. Also having issues with the file size of the GIF so I can't upload the issue or result here yet.

Here is the video embedded from Youtube instead:

*As a note the reason it is square is because I'm using them to post onto Instagram. The size is easily adjustable so I don't mind extending to HD if I need to. Which I eventually will do for other projects to upload them to sites like YouTube or use within videos.


Managed to figure out that downscaling the output size fixed the pixelation and lack of detail I was getting at a higher pixel ratio. Had to downscale to 400x400 in Photoshop export to get the detail of the image. Below is an image of what the GIF looked like at 1500x1500px (11MB file!) and then the GIF I finally was able to export (1.5MB file). Final GIF is very pixelated but that's how much I had to downscale to get the imagery to look normal.


Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3 - image 2 - student project


Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3 - image 3 - student project


Extra alternative I made with just a block colour in the background instead of a photo.

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3 - image 4 - student project


Updated Photoshop to CC 2017 to see if they would fix the problem I was having. Managed to export a GIF at 640x640px at about 900KB so I still had room to upscale. This is the final GIF I was able to export. Finally a lot crisper and able to be big enough for screen now.

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3 - image 5 - student project

Update: Used sections of this technique to animate a logo we designed. Really happy with the way it came out and appreciate the technique as it is simple yet ultra effective.

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3 - image 6 - student project

Lucas Scott

Melbourne, Australia