Mi cv

Mi cv - student project

This was a project I had in my mind for some time ago. I wanted to display my cv info in a less structured way than a simple word document format, so I decided to explore the visual principles on it.

I wanted to make it short and that generated impact, so in the cover page I said in a explicit way what I was going to show. I made it framing my name and nickname and scaling the other text, I could apply the bleeding principle on the text of what the document is about (CV).

Mi cv - image 1 - student project

Then, in the next page I decided to say a little description of myself and show some of my professional skills and works made by me without making this cv a portfolio. In this page I also framed the contents and also I distributed the elements using asymmetry but trying to keep the visual balance.

Mi cv - image 2 - student project

And then, in the last page, I wanted to talk about my education experience, work experience, software, tools skills and personal references. That was a good opportunity to try using hierarchy. I applied it making contrasts with color boxes to frame half of the section titles wich were in a bolder typography, and for the rest of the content I used a lighter typography. The contrast made within both typographys helped me a lot to make categories clear to read. All this content, as shown in the picture, was placed in a grid of two big vertical columns.

Mi cv - image 3 - student project

And that's all friends.

I hope you liked it!