Metamorphosis - student project

DAY 1:
Don’t ever make the journey for the candy at the end. It is never there!

Metamorphosis - image 1 - student project


Cloudwatching did not give me a satisfying result but I am posting it anyway. Some new marks may make it to a next project and I did like the mix of ink and aquarelle.

Metamorphosis - image 2 - student project


My problem is, I always draw slow. My drawings take forever. It helps to draw small.

Metamorphosis - image 3 - student project

DAY 4: Shake it up!

This is the second time I try to do this 14 day challenge. The first time was more than a year ago. I found it very hard the first time to be spontaneous and everything I made looked cramped and scared. I am happy that it goes a lot better already. I should probably try again in another year.

Metamorphosis - image 4 - student project


DAY 5: Metamorphosis + negative space

Biro and gouache.

Metamorphosis - image 5 - student project

DAY 6: Metamorphosis- full page

Metamorphosis - image 6 - student project

DAY 7: Crowd of creatures

Metamorphosis - image 7 - student project

DAY 8: Color and more colors (I stole the composition from an aquarel on Instagram that I can’t find anymore).

Metamorphosis - image 8 - student project

DAY 9: Flatten it out. (Think I will color this one in Photoshop.)

Metamorphosis - image 9 - student project

DAY 10: thread (This one just wouldn’t work, but since I already did the 14-day challenge once before, I know I will get the chance to re-work it.)

Metamorphosis - image 10 - student project

DAY 11: