Merry Halloween

Merry Halloween - student project

Merry Halloween - image 1 - student project

So I threw in some quick sketches. I used to have long hair but the shorter hair just didn't work so I decided to stick to how I used to keep my hair before... Always in a  pony. I love expressive eyes and eyebrows so those are traits I think are important. 

Although I am 22 I am a kid at heart obsessed with Disney movies and thought it might be nice to throw it it. (Although.. might have to distort or delete it because of copyright...)

So basic traits that ill be important to the stories is the height (less than 5') and the facial expression of irritation and sarcasm (EYEBROWS!!)

Merry Halloween - image 2 - student project

I wanted to keep the style simple and not perfect too add a comedic effect. ( also helps for quicker drawings) 

Hand on the hips cause we are sassy and playful. The expressions: The first one can be either read as oblivious, seriously? and sarcasm which is very important for my character. And Happy and Sad. I feel I can push the emotions a bit more but that shall happen in the experimentation stages of  writing. 

Merry Halloween - image 3 - student project

So... my character isn't exactly wearing the outfit I designed her with but hey, it is halloween. Costumes are allowed. Believe it or not, I actually planned on doing this exact same thing one Halloween because that way we only had to decorate once. I got too lazy and missed the Halloween deadline. It shall live on in my comic.