Looking Back

Looking Back - student project

Having lost a brother to the war in Iraq I often look back and wish that there was things that I should have said, done, and apologized for. It is not easy holding in guilt, regret, and even shame for the times that we got in arguments with each other. It is even harder not having the opportunity to share special moments with him. Weddings, family reunions, birthdays, and the birth of new family members all bring some forms of grief when you realize that loved one can't be there to share that special moment with you. 

This class really did help me find some closer. I was able to share my regrets and let him know that I was proud of all the things that he had been doing. I was able to tell him that I missed him and that I loved him very much. 

Thank you for this class! Best wishes in the future!

Jared Kendall