Kibibi's Favorite Class

Kibibi's Favorite Class - student project

I am a research NUT.. so I have devoured so many classes on Skillshare.  I know I enroll in a ton of classes but i ACTUALLY watch them.  That's pretty much all I do.  I listen to classes in my car, at home, at work.  Then when my brain gets overloaded I go and blast some music and dance or I go to the movies or go out to eat, or do some sewing.

Anyways I digress.  My favorite class today is one of the Skillshare classes I created.  It took me like 15 hours or so to create (because I'm a perfectionist, recorded and edited it like 3 times, and then added a bunch of visuals to make it the best I felt it could be).  It's my class on how to find expired domains with Youtube traffic.

Lisa's classes are also among my favorites.  Thanks for sharing Lisa.

Kibibi Jett

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