Joy and Peace card image

Joy and Peace card image - student project

Thank you Rebecca for this wonderful tutorial! 

I opted to make my own gelli plate with water and gelatine, (not the permanent one with glycerine, as I couldn't find it when I was at the shops). I would now be very tempted to buy a proper one online, as my plate was really falling apart after an hour or so. But it only cost me about $1.50 to make, so is an economical option! 

The printing was so much fun. My three year old absolutely loved it, and dictated most of our colour combinations. I didn't clean the plate or brayer between colour changes so we got some interesting colour mixes. We used what I had on hand - acrylic paints, a foam brayer and copy paper.

Our first gelli prints and my precious little helper: 

Joy and Peace card image - image 1 - student project

Our dining table after an hour or so:

Joy and Peace card image - image 2 - student project

I used a full A4 sheet for the card image, as I couldn't decide which print I liked best out of the two on my page. I decided to use an alphabet stamp set and coloured ink pads to add my text in between the images:

Joy and Peace card image - image 3 - student project

 I didn't get around to using the sewing technique this time, but here is the final print, scanned and cropped:

Joy and Peace card image - image 4 - student project

Thanks again - I am so excited that I've learned this new technique! Am very much looking forward to printing some cards!