Jon draws comics and cartoons!

Jon draws comics and cartoons! - student project

Who am I?

My name is Jon Nielsen and I've been drawing silly things and putting them on the internet since 2007. I have three webcomics and a YouTube and a bunch of art blogs and you can find everything I do at Dark Magic Press.

What's going on with my career?

Good question! I recently ended my long-running webcomic Massive Pwnage to focus more on long-form comics, which I think I'm better at. I'm already getting my webcomic LOOK published by NBM and that's really exciting! I'm hoping to keep that momentum by really buckling down and focusing on graphic novels and comics in general. But! I've discovered that it's really hard to maintain a presence when your big projects takes months and months to finish. To help with that, I've set some goals for myself...


Draw more! I'm trying really hard to keep a consistent presence on my follower's feeds. This has meant doing a lot of quick, daily drawings which, as it turns out, has been really fun!

Be more social! I've found that I've always had a really hard time making social media work for me, and I think that I might've discovered the reason: I'm not the most social of people. This is something I'm working on! Interacting with people who like and reblog my things is a huge priority for me right now and I'm still working on getting better at it.

More projects! Right now I'm working on YouTube animations, freelance work that you'll never see, a picture book, a short story compilation, daily drawings, and a bunch of other stuff I'm probably forgetting. There's so much I want to accomplish! Which brings us to my last goal...

Full-time cartooning! That's the dream, right? Quitting the day job and drawing, drawing, drawing, and having that drawing support you and your family. Fingers crossed that these steps will someday get me there!


Thanks for reading! I'm still trying to figure all this out so any feedback would be great! And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!