Insta: first steps

Insta: first steps - student project

Hi Guys, 

Thank you for the awesome class! I think you did an excellent job in summing up the most essential steps to get started. I'm mainly intesrested in surface pattern design and lineart, since my work is usually very colorful I have a bit of a problem with achieving harmony on my feed.

Anyhow, your class was a great boost for me. I've always been very reluctant to put my work out there. I'm definitely still working on getting more comfortable with sharing my designs, but at least I got things stasted thanks to you. Here are my first steps...



Insta: first steps - image 1 - student projectInsta: first steps - image 2 - student project


Any thoughtful comments or suggestions are welcomed!

Aliz H. Arteta

Down the rabbit hole @aliz_arteta