Icarian Travel Sticker

Icarian Travel Sticker - student project


The assignment for this second class from Aaron Draplin is to design a circular travel sticker. Even though I have created a circular family crest for Draplin’s first class, I keep learning plenty of tips and tricks. I especially found his tip on rotating a text within a circle very helpful. As usual I tried the projects demonstrated on the videos first before thinking of my own ideas for the assignment.

Icarian Travel Sticker - image 1 - student project

For the class project itself, I started out writing potential travel themes that I can choose. I ended up liking the idea creating an imaginary travel sticker for the Icarians who settled to USA (Nauvoo, Illinois) from France. They sailed across ocean from France to USA, therefore my project had a nautical theme.

Icarian Travel Sticker - image 2 - student project

Then I sketched some ideas. I also looked around some instruments to navigate ships on the internet for inspiration.

Icarian Travel Sticker - image 3 - student project

Finally, I developed my idea within Adobe Illustrator. I constructed an anchor using simple shapes and placed it right in the middle. All of the text is laid on top a lifebuoy-inspired shape. The dashed circle represents a rope. I took the colors from clothing worn by sailors, like duffle coats (mustard yellow) and pea coats (navy).

Icarian Travel Sticker - image 4 - student project

Here's a mockup of the stickers on a suitcase:

Icarian Travel Sticker - image 5 - student project

That is all for my project. Bon voyage!

Viki Karoli

Graphic designer in progress