How do I judge my 7 types of intelligences

How do I judge my 7 types of intelligences - student project

I'm not entirely sure but this is what I found:

Linguistic Intelligence

I like to read and write and I like to work with language. I'm currently trying to write my first novel, it's pretty hard but also fun. So I guess I have some of this intelligence.

Logical-mathematical Intelligence

I'm not very fond of math, but I'm a computer programmer, so I guess, I have some of this too.

Visual-spatial Intelligence

I would get lost in my own house, so guess that I have not much of this. But I like photography and my favorite topic is taking close-up pictures of insects.

Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence

I guess that I'm lacking this intelligence most. I'm not much into sports but I do some knitting, maybe that counts too.

Musical Intelligence

I'm singing in a choir and I would love to create my own music. But I'm often discouraged because I find it hard to find the right combinations on rhythm and melodies. So I guess, there is a little bit of that intelligence too, but I wish I would have more.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Zero points here. I'm not a good team player and I mostly work for myself. Selling to other people is a nightmare for me.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

I never managed to understand myself clearly, so no points for this one.

Marian Heddesheimer

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