Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday  - student project

So, my boyfriend's Mum's birthday is around the corner and I am in bed with a pretty high temperature and short attention span. Want to DO something. At least write a letter. And it's got to be special. It's a birthday - I love birthday's and the Mum in question is a pretty cool one at that! Options right now are limited. This class looks interesting and I can do bits and pieces depending on how fit I'm feeling. Definitely doable. So this is how it started.

With a tendency toward perfectionism, I'm still happy this was something I could do in bed, even if the positioning of my sketchbook and myself propped up on cushions is less than ideal (picture above).

This is fun!

The OMBRÉ and WATERCOLOR Technique did not work with the material at hand, i.e. the paper of my sketchbook is too rough, soaks up too much of the water...need a smoother surface for this. I'm a little disappointed, but will try it again when I'm back on my feet. So, no picture of that.

However, Iooking for paper I find this A5 sized creation, add a layer of transparent tracing paper and start lettering with my PENTEL brushpen:

.....and then realize there's not enough space for us to write a few more lines. Even simply signing our names would be pushing it.

Since the top layer is still in its original A4 format, I decide to first finish the lettering part and then look for a different background.

This is pretty dark...where are my colors?! Using PELIKAN STABILO Point 88 fine tip pens, I then outline the letters. Well, this is not exactly part of the course, but I thought you'd like to see the final result:

Dizzy from the fever, I forgot to take a picture before it was was folded...grrr...

I did find a nice background eventually, another semi-transparent A4 sheet with a teal colored dotted-circles pattern.

To finish the project, I made an envelope out of a wrapping paper I had bought some time ago, and used the brush pen to handletter the address-sticker. For privacy reasons, I made another sticker with a friend's name and fictional address. Here's the close-up:

O-kay, done. So much for taking this course in little steps...I'd better take a nap now or I'll never get rid of this cold...oh well, doing something fun helps with recovering, too. I'm sure of it!

Looking forward to your comments.

Illustrator, Letterer & Pattern Designer