Hamann Family Crest

Hamann Family Crest - student project

My crest features a few aspects of my family's story and personality in its design. Here's the highlights...

  • We're a bunch of softies, I wanted the overall feel to be soft, no super rigid points throughout.
  • NORTH POINTING COMPASS: My immediate family was the first to migrate up north from Southern California. Some of our family has even followed suit in the last decade and joined us in Washington.
  • CROSSES: A good amount of the patriarchs in my family were pastors. I wanted to pay tribute to that as this is what brought us from the Midwest to the West Coast.
  • CITY TAG: A lot of my family (including myself) is still in Southern California. We're stretched along the whole coast.
  • CROWN: In the little bit of Scottish heritage I have, there's a bit of royalty in there. Of course I had to show that off in my crest.
  • PHRASE: "Hot damn and hallelujah" is a phrase you can often hear from my aunt. Really whenever she wants, prompted or not.
  • COLORS: I chose the colors because I like them. Full stop.

And here's what this beaut would look like applied to a shirt!