Fantasy Art Beginner

Fantasy Art Beginner - student project

Fantasy Art Beginner - image 1 - student project

Hello Guys. I am Hanafi Jamil from Malaysia.

I consider Jonas as the first fantasy art guru for me.
I am almost 40. never late than never.

Based on that flower I took from next house yard I created the piece.

It is the first time, far from perfect.It is not detailed one.

Jonas tutorial is an advance one but I am happy to be able to grasp because I am using photoshop for web design but not for art. You need to know few things already beforehand. like the levels tools hue and saturations tools and gradient map to cool down more.

You need to watch twice of the lighting otherwise you missed the important part where there are 2 layers of main lighting one at the bottom above the cloud background and one at the top. Highlighting the rock is another layer.