Experimenting. - student project

Hey there. Thanks for you clear and encouraging classes. I don't have anything going yet other than ideas. I'm still acquiring more skill and creating a collecting of art that I can share and sell. This class has shown me what is involved and I think after I have my basic products (friendly, trendy, totally out there), I will like to offer prints and greeting cards (original watercolor, acrylic, mixed media).

It would be targeted to 20's and 30's millennials trapped in a mediocre life, like me, but with dreams and passions for friendship, love, excitement and medication. Basically, some of our trendy vernacular with a backdrop of existential questions, cats, and obscure movie quotes and song lyrics.  

This is all brainstorming as of now. I suppose I need feedback. I still am trying to figure out how to use Pixlr since I cannot afford Photoshop or Adobe. Regardless, I don't know how to clean up and edit scans yet. 

This is the first print I have done. I cleaned up what I could with my limited skills and will be continuing to fix it up more, enhance the color and such.

I don't know how it will be received or if it is good enough. I'll try to get more of my ideas in for more feedback. Feel free to offer suggestions, productive criticism, and tips. I'm so green I can barely handle it, but as a mediocre half-paralyzed millennial, I must do something to make a change and offer something, if not silly and cute illustrations, to the world. The latter two have not been scanned since they are only ideas. The first one, I really like so I started the work already. 

Please let me know if this is looking ridiculous, or if it may be the start of something. Any and all are more than welcome to comment. 

Paint all the things!