Editing photo

Editing photo - student project

Hi again Mariya!

Thanks again for another nice class :) 

For this class I´ve chosen a photo which it was been chosen in previous class to remove the bin and my finger from the bottom. I´ve change to some adjustments to get a bit dramatic effect in to the cloudy sky.

Here is the original one

Editing photo - image 1 - student project

here is the edited photo

Editing photo - image 2 - student project

Other important thing, I use to shoot in wider frame than I need or want and them I resize by software. Mainly in brighter days where I can´t see well the screen.

Oh! I´ve gorgoteen, I´ve chosen 2/3 skay cause I´ve though is more important than sand in this picture.

Thanks again for your nice classes. 

I´ll wait for new one.

Best regards