Early spring mood

Early spring mood - student project

Well, this was quite an eye opener for me, finding out with this exercise what my artistic style is. Never expected bright colors to show up! Playing with something different than makeup is a nice change. 

Here are my shapes, I didn't even bother with good lighting because I was convinced I will screw it up :)

Early spring mood - image 1 - student project

After a short break I got back to it and suddenly started to see things in those shapes, except for the last one that ended up on a mug for lack of other ideas. I also cleaned it up in Photoshop.

Early spring mood - image 2 - student project

I really enjoyed this class, very simple but oh so effective.


I actually use these in my artistic endeavours :)

Early spring mood - image 3 - student project

Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist