Drawing is Deconstruction

Drawing is Deconstruction - student project

In January I decided I wanted to learn how to draw, because I wanted to express myself. I didn't know where to start, so my beloved husband volunteered to be my teacher :)

He hadn't drawn since he was 8 years old, but he was the best teacher I could have asked for, because instead of teaching me technical skills he made me work on my frustrations and fears. From the beginning he understood that if all I wanted was to express myself, my learning path should be towards self-knowledge.

So I started a long journey trying to loose my fears, and my relationship to drawing has changed a lot since. Now I see drawing as a deconstruction. The more I let my hands and my heart free, the more I deconstruct the idea of the "perfect drawing", "beauty", "talent", "time" and so on, and the more I accept myself.

Each day I have more and more pleasure in the act of drawing itself, as I allow myself to try more and to fail more. Drawing for me has been deconstructing the rigid structures that I was surrounded by.

The best part is to know I have a lot more to learn and to deconstruct, I still have a long path to walk :)

I loved how in this class I had no fears as I was drawing. I felt free to experiment and to make mistakes, and I loved the idea of writing about what I've learned in the process.


Abstract drawing using the different textures, colors and feel of my tools

I used my permanent pens, color pencils, regular pencil, pastels, charcoal and watercolor.

I really liked how water and pastels went well together and I loved just scribbling with my permanent ink pens. 

Drawing is Deconstruction - image 1 - student project

Title page filled with fun hand-lettering and decorative elements

I've made all my drawings before watching the demos, and I was impressed how much my tittle page looked like Marie-Noëlle's!)

I liked the minimalistic touch I've used in my cover page, I felt like it inspired experimentation :)

Drawing is Deconstruction - image 2 - student project

Two creative mini-self-portraits

On the left side you can see the self-portrait I've made with my eyes closed. As I closed my eyes I realized I had no idea how to draw myself without looking at me. It was weird not to have a clear picture of myself in my mind, so I decided to draw a lot of fragments of myself, trying to visualize them in my head as I was drawing. (I found it interesting that it was easy for me to write with my eyes closed, though)

On the right side there is my self-portrait, made with my non-dominant hand. I really liked the experience. At first I wasn't happy about it, but at the end I really liked the result :)

Drawing is Deconstruction - image 3 - student project

Drawing made to music

I made this drawing as I listened to Boogarins, a great Brazilian band. I really liked the effect of the ink as I dropped it on the paper

Drawing is Deconstruction - image 4 - student project

Chaotic page where I've explored a bird

I've always wanted to draw a "realistic" bird, so I figured it this would be the perfect time :)

I used this photo as a reference to make my sketch:

Drawing is Deconstruction - image 5 - student project

I had an amazing time doing my sketch and I really liked the result :)

Next, I started the other birds. I wasn't using a watercolor paper, but I really wanted to use watercolor. The result was not as I expected, but I liked some textures and color combination.

I like the texture created by stippling and random circles, but I those weren't my favorite birds.

Drawing is Deconstruction - image 6 - student project

Engineering a 'mistake'

Here is my drawing before the "mistake"

Drawing is Deconstruction - image 7 - student project

... and after the mistake:

Drawing is Deconstruction - image 8 - student project

now it's time to transform it :)

Amanda Leticia

graphic designer & photographer