Discovering My Art Style

Discovering My Art Style - student project

DAY 1 - Pencil Study - This was fun but challenging for me. It made me realize how long it's been since I sat down and just sketched with a pencil! I've never drawn flowers before, so this was an interesting experience. I'm surprised by how much it actually resembles flowers (even though I clearly need to work on proportion, etc. lol).

Discovering My Art Style - image 1 - student project


DAY 2 - Black & White Study - I liked getting to choose my medium this time, and I surprised myself by choosing a graphite crayon (which is almost like a pencil, but you can get a bigger range of tip size!). I feel like I did WAY better with this one!

Discovering My Art Style - image 2 - student project


DAY 3 - Color Study - I liked the challenge of not getting to look at the reference image while drawing! These still life assignments are so different from what I typically draw, so it's both fun and frustrating, lol.

Discovering My Art Style - image 3 - student project


DAY 4 - Prompt Study - At first I was stumped. I'm doing #inktober and already having trouble with the one-word prompts, so this was not helping, lol! But then I suddenly got an idea I really liked, and this is the result (I used brush pens and metallic markers -- you can see my testing at the top of the page).

Discovering My Art Style - image 4 - student project


DAY 5 - Subject Study - Today was the perfect day for getting to play around and do whatever I want! I got my October ArtSnacks box in this afternoon and decided to take up the challenge of using all the items in the box to make some art in my sketchbook. (The box included muted purple ink, a watercolor brush, a black brush pen, and a white pen.)

Discovering My Art Style - image 5 - student project

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