Damask of gathered greenery

Damask of gathered greenery - student project

Hi, my name is Stefani and I'm working on my first pattern collection.
I loved watching Bärbel's class and creating this damask. For my project I chose to use local greenery and flowers, that are in my natural surroundings. So my "Acanthus" is a dandelion leaf and I used clover, oak and a buttercup, the beloved flower of my childhood ;-) I was a bit astonished about the overall form I created with this shape of the dandelion, but liked it very much in the end. But I would very much appreciate your feedback on this. I also broke deliberately the symmetry rule with the buttercup or is it too bold of me? Any feedback is appreciated! 


And here are some of my scanned elements:


If you want to see some of my other designs and artwork or would like to get in touch, you can have a look here:


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