Creative Design and Social Media Management

Creative Design and Social Media Management - student project

According to those closest to me, I have always been two things: artistic at heart, especially with making greeting cards and other visuals since I was a little kid; and wanting to help others by promoting and/or cheering them on, most recently in the form of creating managing social media posts/pages/websites for other creatives and small businesses, as well as personal blogging. After a number of years of doing it all on the side (mostly due to living overseas and being a stay-at-home mom), and with continued referrals and interest in my work, the right time and circumstances presented themselves to expand, and see if I can "officially" turn my passions into a regular, steady job.

Besides the continued/possible overhaul of a career change, the other reasons I am exciting about being a free-lancer is the essentially the freedom and flexibility it gives me to do what I want, when I want, and for who I want! Yet, that can also be a cause for anxiety, for I am putting myself out there, and everything else too, on the's all on me, but I have also never wanted something so much as I do now.

While it may seem confusing or a bit too broad, at the end of the day my objective is simply this: to thoughtfully. creatively, and collaboratively promote a variety of work featuring masterful artisanship and extraordinary design.

Honestly, I am still trying to figure out and re-engineer my online portfolio to include my social media work (both past and present), but for now, you can see all that I do at one or all of the following:

For my greeting cards and other handcrafted items, follow my brand, LFJ Creations on:



If you are in the Central Connecticut area, you can purchase some of my cards, as well as pick up some other exquisite artwork, and order the perfect picture frame by the fine folks at Joel Whitney Picture Frame and JW Frame Crafters - check them out here:

Joel Whitney Picture Frame Website

Facebook - JW Frame Crafters





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