Creating Characters in Collagraph | Beginners Printmaking at Home

Creating Characters in Collagraph | Beginners Printmaking at Home - student project

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Printmaking is a great way of making art without any pressure of perfection and Collagraph is particularly liberating!  Collagraph is a combination of collage and printing, and you don't need to be in a print studio with pricey presses to practise it.  Join me in this class to explore how to create your own characterful prints at home.

If you are anything like me, you might have found the idea of Collage daunting.  So many textures and materials to choose from! But when I started to use collage in a more figurative way it became far more accessible to me.  I hope this class helps you to explore printmaking and find out what kinds of collage bring you joy.

From finding a reference image and using it as a template for your character,  to building a plate and printing from it, step-by-step I'll have you covered!


Class Project:

  • Find a reference image (this can be a photo, or one of your own artworks in another medium).  Transfer it onto your backboard - this will be your guide as you build your plate.
  • Build a "plate" of your character. (Take a photo before the next step and share it with us too - collagraph plates are so fun to look at!)
  • Seal your plate.
  • Make a print from your plate and share your results.  Yay, you did it!

 Class Outline

Introduction Video

Gemma the Pen

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