Color Wheel/Value, Value Sketch Study, and Monochromatic Painting

Color Wheel/Value, Value Sketch Study, and Monochromatic Painting - student project

Color Wheel

I think one of the reasons the Blue Violet, Violet, and Red Violet didn't show up as well as I'd hope is because of the color/pigment of Blue I used but it's very interesting to see how the colors show up on the paper instead of just on the palette


Color Value

I made 2 because I was planning to do a Pumpkin painting plus the Lime (since it's almost Halloween lol). I did notice some of the colors were verrry similar side by side, mostly because I was too afraid of the swatches being so different 


Value Sketch Study and Monochromatic Paintings

Here's the sketch and painting I did for the Lime. I'm not that confident painting yet without sketching the subject both on paper and on the canvas so I cheated a little and traced the circle :')


Here's the Pumpkin. I'm not as happy with it as the Lime one, but I think I did an okay job :) I was having trouble with what value the background color should be. I hope the subject didn't get too washed out. I attached the reference below


All in all, I'm very happy with how much I learned and also how much confidence I gained after taking this class. I'm so looking forward to more classes from Amanda!