Class Series

Class Series - student project

First of all, thank you for an informative class. I know I will be watching this one again to make some written notes.

My latest class is the first in a series on writing nonfiction. It is based on a course I wrote over a year ago, of which I have sold a few digital copies.

My Skillshare goal is to record a class for each module, and give students an assignment based on a particular module. Plus, each class comes with a download of the corresponding section in the workbook. By the end of the series, students will have not only a direction to go, but also the pages of the entire workbook. The first class also includes the Quick Start Guide so students can see exactly what the entire series will cover.

Modules 2 - 12 are on hold until I am able to access my external hard drive again. My computer was stolen just over a week ago, and the cord to my hard drive went with it. The computer I am currently using does not have good sound quality, so my class recordings are on hold.

After taking your class, I try to engage with my students twice a week at least. Speaking of which, I am due to send another today. My following is quite small, but I am hoping it will increase once I get more classes published.

Diane Ziomek

Indie Author & Fiber Artist