Chinese BBQ Pork Wrap Roll

Chinese BBQ Pork Wrap Roll - student project

Class Description

Another favourite for my kids and family is Chinese BBQ Pork Wrap Roll. This is something like an Asian sandwich and simple to make using a juicy, mouth watering pork or known to Chinese as "Char Siu"as the main ingredient. However, I made into something unique using Paratha bread to wrap it into a version of Subway!

It is not a heavy meal so will be perfect for lunch at home or if you want to bring it to work or even for a picnic!

Class Project

The great thing about such a sandwich based meal is that you get to add your favourite ingredients like type of bread, vegetables or sauces very similar to the Subway sandwich bar!

So for this class project instead of using Paratha bread, you can also use other types of bread to wrap the pork such as Tortilla, buns such as Parmesan Oregano bread or whatever your favourite is.

Do share how your Pork Wrap Roll turned out and a picture of your final dish!

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