Captain X-mas

Captain X-mas - student project

I didnt like the first attempt i did, so i change everything...

i took the basic principles of my character and rounded everything up, and simplified all elements...

taking care of the anatomy...

Captain X-mas - image 1 - student project

using some details a little, this one was already exaggerated a lot so i just made minor adjustments.

Captain X-mas - image 2 - student project

here is a fast check on the silhouette. seems to be working.

Captain X-mas - image 3 - student project

because of the rounded forms i thought difficult to find a nice light source and keep it interesting,

but i like the result so far, after adding some values...

Captain X-mas - image 4 - student project

some details before continuing to the color block to help me identify the final result.

Captain X-mas - image 5 - student project

and then the color,

Captain X-mas - image 6 - student project

lights and occlusion.

Captain X-mas - image 7 - student project

and the final piece... with detailed light and fxs. it was a fun process

Captain X-mas - image 8 - student project


first attempt below

Captain X-mas - image 9 - student project

i selected the one with the long moustache saw something interesting on him..

after sketching a little bit further, and with christmas time around the corner, i thought why not making it a little bit festive... 

Captain X-mas - image 10 - student project

Captain X-mas - image 11 - student project

after doing some S and C shapes looks something like this.. maybe too simple?

i feel it is loosing some edge.

then some anatomy check. im not sure at what to look for.

Captain X-mas - image 12 - student project

Captain X-mas - image 13 - student project

pushing it further...

i wasn't getting satisfied with the results so far, but continuing with the next step were everything got revisited, making things bigger or smaller, i even change the posture and the props... and made him wider.

and just before continuing further a silhouette:

not sure what to look for either, but i beleive its not that bad and works just fine. any feedback?

Captain X-mas - image 14 - student project

Captain X-mas - image 15 - student project

after this some details, it really give it a push up...

Adding Values was fun, but then i realize theres a lot of thing to practice...

Captain X-mas - image 16 - student project