Buddha Birthday Poster

Buddha Birthday Poster - student project

Hi! I started a magazine spread, but somehow I lost the file :-( and didn't have much time to start all over again. So I decided to show a poster I did many years ago for a wellness center as a volunteer. I'm not sure if they ever used it.

The center is called Zen Village and it is multidisciplinary, they offer meditation, yoga, and is also a Buddhist Temple. They asked me to do a poster inviting people to attend Buddahs birthday.

This is the original version. They told me the colors to use (red and green).  Not sure where this image came from.

Buddha Birthday Poster - image 1 - student project

In this new version, I used a photo I took of a buddha sitting and made it a vector and just used the face. I decided to use 1 image and added a crown since it is a celebration, festive event.  The design is symmetrical. I tried to break the symmetry by tilting the image of buddha a little . Using -hierarchy- I made the title  Buddha Birthday bigger. For typography I chose 2 fonts: Remires and Panefresco family. My perception of Panefresco is that it is a font that is kind of casual, not too formal and friendly. Any feedback is welcome. I enjoyed the class and I know there is much more to learn but knowing the principles and practicing is key for growth. 

Buddha Birthday Poster - image 2 - student project