Brown Canyon Sunrise, San Pedro River sunrise, San Pedro pond

Brown Canyon Sunrise, San Pedro River sunrise, San Pedro pond - student project

I have hiked Brown Canyon near Sierra Vista, Arizona many times but have not done much photography there.  On a previous visit I had noticed the valley and planned a sunrise shot.  The sun had been up above the mountains about 20 minutes.  A golden glow cast over the valley capturing the peace I felt.  I liked how the trees created a leading line to the mountain peak on the left, and the leaning agave leads the eye to the clouds which then guide the eye to the mountain peak. This is two images exposure stacked, warm tones brought up and a graduated filter on the sky to bring out the colors in the clouds. I'm really happy with this one. Nikon D7500, f/11, 1/80, ISO 100, 50mm. 

This image was shot with my drone just as the sun crested the mountains over the San Pedro River Valley near Sierra Vista, Arizona. I loved the colors and how the tree line and paths lead the eye to the colorful clouds.  The challenge with this image was my drone only shoots JPEG and the out-of-camera shot was very dark in the foreground.  In Lightroom I applied a brush over the foreground and was able to retrieve the detail.  I also applied a light brush to the treetops, bringing the reflected morning colors out in the cottonwood trees. DJI Spark, 1/60 second, ISO 100, fixed aperture and lens of f/2.6 and 4.49mm.

And the last one, an hour after sunrise in the San Pedro River preserve near Sierra Vista, Arizona.  I have hiked and photographed the birds and landscapes of the valley many times but never got a a reflection image I was happy with until this day.  The cottonwood trees are just leafing out and the morning was calm creating a mirror-like image in the pond.  Minimal processing: I brought up the luminance of the greens and yellows.  Blues I left as is.  Slight nudge of dehaze and clarity.  Nikon D7500, f/8, 1/400, ISO 100, 20mm.

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